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A home is more than a house. A home is where you go to relax after a hard day, where you raise a family, a place where you have genuine laughs, a place for compassion and love. Naturally, this experiences extend beyond the pieces of stones, metal and would that confine you at night. The environment that surrounds is important for the health, growth, and well being of your family. Hence picking the right neighbourhood is an important part of the equation when considering a new home. The following are some of the top things to keep in mind when choosing a neighbourhood suitable for your family.


This is should always be your first priority. Whether your living in an apartment or in the suburb you should always check to see what security features are in your area of daily activity. If living in an apartment always check to see if there are a CCTV system and intercom features. You should also consider how far your home is to the local police station in case of any incidents. Safety is the base of a prosperous family.

The thing that separates a talented designer from the rest, is the ability of being open-minded to new ideas, willing to go an extra mile, tackles problems they face head-on and the ability to involve the client and make them feel part of the design. If you come a across a designer who is just doing design cause it’s their job, trust me you’ll see the normal that your used too.

As a designer, there many challenges I have come across, others have heard from my fellow designers. The main challenge I encounter day in day out is to make my work simple. Simplicity is the key aspect when it comes to designing, no one wants to see a complex design that takes them more than five seconds to know or understand a design. Back in the days before design was well known and appreciated, a complex design was said to be have done by a guru in design. But now, simple and clear design is taken as professional.

Deep research helps in growing one’s creative mind and to know more of what there about to do. A designer’s main work is to have a rough idea in their mind. It’s really tough to design if you got no idea in your mind. That’s a challenge faced by “wannabe” designers who don’t care about the art.

Getting started is the toughest thing in design field. It requires motivation, self-belief and practice. One thing you should know, if you treat a client’s project like it’s yours, you will always give the best that you thought you couldn’t have. So, my question is, do you want to do the normal or go an extra mile to become a better designer?

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