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Do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t be bothered to tuck out of your blanket, and you can’t put your finger on what’s causing you to be dog tired? if so one of the probable causes is that your home might not just be getting enough natural light. In a world full of led lighting, computers, mobile phones, televisions all battling for your attention it may be possible your body is not receiving its fair share of natural light. Let's explore what are the benefits of natural light.

Natural light is beneficial for mental and emotional well being. Receiving natural light at Dawn and Dusk improves your focus and concentration which in turn improves your productivity. Not only that a study by Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark indicate that daylight can make people cope better with stress and anxiety inducing situations by improving communication in the part of our brains involved with emotions. Hence you may consider taking a few minutes each morning by the window to make you sharper during the day. .

Exposure to sufficient natural light will improve your overall health. Sunlight provides vitamin B and D which are responsible for your body energy levels, metabolism, brain activity; and body calcium and phosphate levels respectively. This helps reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels Being an environment deprived of natural light forces us to be dependent on artificial light which is more harmful to our eyes. Daylight also helps combat insomnia, spending enough time in sunlight helps regulate melatonin a hormone which controls sleep by reducing its production during the day. They many more studies on the benefits of natural light to your health. Overall a house with better light penetration is good for the health of your family,.

Natural light is also good for your pocket, A house with excellent natural light exposure can save big on its energy costs. Well exposed rooms reduce the need of using artificial light during the day. Even better, houses with large windows and sunlight receptance are valued higher in the housing market, transforming your home into a great investment.

When looking for a house be sure to pick one which will provide a healthier, energetic and a positive environment for your family. Always check that the rooms receive enough sunshine and the surrounding buildings are not to close. Always put your family’s happiness first.

Yazid Ibrahim.

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